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The right plants in the right conditions will flourish with little maintenance.

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Who gets to have a gift registry?

Despite huge cultural shifts around marriage and gender, gift registries still tend to be reserved for women getting married or having babies.

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Do you really need to dry-clean that?

If you learn a few tricks (and read care labels closely), the answer is probably not.

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How to get rid of drain flies

To get rid of the larvae, either clean the drain out or use a product designed to control drain flies — multiple times.

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Mitchell Parker, senior editor at Houzz, and Jura Koncius took questions about bathrooms, including how to get that spa feeling at home.

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Tired of gray everything? Here’s how to get a more colorful home.

Whether it's with paint, wallpaper, furniture or accessories, here are ways to bring more color into your home design.

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As marijuana is legalized in more places, here’s how to grow your own

A growing number of experts are making a business out of teaching people how to grow their own pot. Here's what to know to get started.

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7 tricks to update an unfinished basement on a budget

Tips for painting the floors, covering the walls and other budget-friendly updates you can make to an unfinished basement.

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How to remove gummy buildup from wood furniture

Paint thinner or oil soap might do the job — or you might have to use something stronger.

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Downsizing expert Matt Paxton gave tips on sorting through your stuff

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8 designer-recommended home updates for less than $2,000

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How to keep a yard safe for your dog — and protect the yard, too

Avoid these plants that could poison your dog or block their gastrointestinal tract. And follow these tips to keep urine from damaging your lawn.

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Is that old sofa worth reupholstering? Here’s what to consider.

If you’re having a reupholster-or-replace debate, first decide whether the item will last long enough to justify the cost.

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How to hang artwork so it doesn’t come crashing down

Hangers exist for many different types of walls. But first, check the weight of your artwork.

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Author Teri Speight answered questions about eco-friendly gardening

Author Teri Speight joins Jura Koncius for a conversation about earth-friendly plants and all things gardening.

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Want a colorful kitchen? Forget stainless and go for bold appliances.

After decades of relying on stainless steel, people are bringing personal taste into their kitchens with colorful appliances.

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Tips for shopping for budget- and eco-friendly refurbished products

The trick to buying something refurbished is to know what you want and from whom you are buying.

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How to increase water pressure at home

The problem could be a valve, mineral deposits or rust buildup inside pipes.

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